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Hello Holidays in 3 steps

I know, I know! It's still September, BUT there's no time like the present to prepare. No one wants to be under pressure in November hoping and praying all the updates are going to be complete before company comes.

What a great present to give yourself - the gift of peace during the most hectic time of year.

Planning ahead (read: now) is imperative to get started.

  1. Prioritize the changes you envision. Bathroom renovations vs new guest room linens and drapes. Start first on the bathroom or kitchen when plumbing and electrical pros are required. They get busy and cannot easily be hired at the last minute.

  2. Get help from an Interior Designer you trust. They will organize the workflow and order the materials and labor efficiently. A timeline will be developed that will help explain what to expect, the costs and delivery times.

  3. Be prepared to be amazed long before the doorbell rings

Treat yourself well- today and always.

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